Keys for loving.


Hi guys, welcome to how 2 love, a web series that if you follow and answer the question put to you each week, you will be well on your way to manifesting that deep & meaningful love relationship that so many of us would like to acquire, and I am here to let you know that, yes you too can have this in your life, all you have to do is tune in and do the work asked of you each week.

Hi, I am Selina stone a master life coach and the keys that I am about to share with you are the wisdoms and teachings that have been passed onto me by my teacher and mentor David Essel who has over 30yrs experience coaching clients and a very high success rate amongst his clients

Each week we have 3 steps to take in regards to the question that is asked of you to do.
Remember, today is the only day that matters, what you have done in the past does not matter we shift, we change & that’s why we have to be specific with these questions that will be asked of you to do

Just By following these 3 simple steps each week, you will be a step closer to manifesting that deep & meaningful love that you desire.

step 1, Write the question down and think about it – we have to surrender and trust that if you go over these weekly questions on a daily basis, you will become highly focused and clear on how to love and be loved, when we trust in this process and complete the tasks set out to do each week, we will be blown away and be able to open the door to deep and meaningful love.

step 2, Write the scenario, the feelings it brings to mind, describe the pictures – when you do the written work, and follow the direction to go deeper, go deeper, to get certain as to what it is that you want, to go to the chore of what it is we want in life and we remove the blocks that have kept us returning to patterns and habits that do not serve us, to eventually awaken that deep love that we desire and deserve

step 3, Repetition – Write and re write your answer, every day – what does this statement really mean to you, what is its meaning – we are not going after some illusion here, we are going after reality, but first we have to find out what we need to let go of, the belief, the illusion, the excuses, the resistance that we need to remove, in other words what is in our way that we need to let go of before we can bring love in.

This web series is in accordance with the rules as set by the laws of attraction put these steps into action and you will soon be blessed with the love you request.

The master key to this series is in the writing and the time we have in-between each session to this, we are taking this nice and slow by just pondering on one question per week, just one statement to think about. For when we write our thoughts down on paper we allow answers to come to the surface & we bring things into the physical world which creates the opportunity for us to change.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason why I am here for you. Until next week…

Be Lucky!

Selina Stone

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