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Rona Tyrrell was a member of a women’s spirituality group at her church. At 43, she was shy to speak up with friends, or in groups. During a convention on seniors activity group Rona was unexpectedly asked to speak to the members. After the initial panic and fear, she slowly found herself relaxing. Deep breaths and pep talk on the way to the pulpit worked! She was finally able to give an anxiety-free talk to the group.

Rona Tyrrell was taking a confidence building course at the time and was 2 weeks into it.

Or let’s take the case of Peter Malloy. 24 year old Peter was a skilled graphic designer and though his resume exhibited his credentials, he could never really voice them. Since most jobs required him to interact with clients, he failed to make an impression on prospective employers due to his lack of communication skills and self-confidence. Luckily, Peter enrolled himself in a confidence building course and within a few weeks got through an interview at an international firm.

Now isn’t that a very positive note to start a Confidence Building course? You agree? Great!

This module is all about self-discovery. Unless you know where you are, how will you move to where you want to be?

Before we begin confidence building exercises that will work on areas where you need more confidence, take these 2 assessment tests below.

  1. The Confidence Evaluator is an assessment to evaluate your current levels of confidence and self esteem. Take the test, see what your scores are and then map out a plan of action to increase your scores over the next 2 months.
  2. Self-assessment- Rate the following statements from 0 – 10 based on how much you believe each of them to be true.

Find out more by watching this video or you can download the written version of this course.

Welcome to part 1 of this 6 part on-line coaching program.

Extract taken from the on-line life coaching program “Unstoppable Confidence” a 6 part life skills e-course that has been designed for you to do in your own time, with or without the use of an accountability coach. The choice is yours, find out more…

Unstoppable Confidence

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