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Who am I you ask?  Hi there, I´m Selina Stone and I guess my credentials would be a good place for me to start. I am certified as a master life coach, in holistic addiction recovery and as a public speaker. My previous job title was CEO & Casting Director for 5 years in Spain, supplying Actors & Extras for roles in Film &  TV.  Alongside my coaching services I pursue 2 other passions of mine and work on them in my spare time. Please feel free to take a look at them also.
Access Your Success. video promotions for both personal & business use.
Owning It Life Coaching  Mastermind Coaches, hosting of workshops and events.


My desire is to prevent you from falling in life, to keep you focused on track and happy with who you are as a person and your lifestyle.

There truly is only one thing for us to master and that is our thoughts. This is the master key to success in life for what we think we feel. Your thoughts will determine if your life will be happy or sad. Your thoughts are the cause, what happens next is the effect.

I share with you my own life experiences and the resources available that destroy our demons.  The techniques I share are tried and tested not only by me but by 1000s of others. If we can not gain control of our thoughts, we can expect to lead an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

My unique talent is breaking down real life situations and presenting them as a story as seen on TV, enabling you to see all angles and a chance to re write your own script.  Your Life. Your Choices. No Regrets. Let´s be responsible for our happiness.

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Whatever your goal, dream or ambition is, you can be sure to pull it off with techniques and skills acquired during our coaching sessions. Together we can tick the wishes of  your wish list with an action plan that is time lined, realistic and personalized for your success.

Life Coaching is not some magical remedy that stops bad things from happening to you. Its an investment in your personal well being, your feelings of self value & worth. Please allow me to share with you the tools & techniques that enable you to rise up to challenges in life and conquer them.

Take this opportunity to invest in your health and mental state of mind by acquiring the ability to process any negative & harmful emotions that hold us back, that lead to illnesses, addictions, therapy & use of pharmaceutical pills as our coping mechanisms in life.

Let´s rid ourselves of our non productive emotions, low self worth and hurt feelings once and for all. Swap them for love, compassion, high self esteem. Give yourself value and purpose because yes, you are worthy. Changing the way you think is the first step to your success.




Before I introduce you to the serious stuff,  here is something fun for you to do.  Get ready to step into  your chosen character just like an actor would preparing for their role. Are you willing to accept this challenge?

Then, here is your first assignment as a life coach from me. Take advantage of this opportunity to see behind the scenes of the TV screen and of how life is broken down into minute detail ready for the lights, camera and action. It really is an eye opening experience that I recommend to all.

Step out of your comfort zone and sign up today for free with the best casting agency’s on the coast of whom I have personally collaborated with. Going to a casting and getting that role is a great feeling and is one you will remember for life.

Just click on the button below to see the casting agency’s contact details and then fill in their online forms. What have you got to lose? Register today, make sure they can contact you when a role suitable for you can be presented to you.




Now, It’s your turn, tell me why are you here? Let´s cut the small talk and get to the point of your visit. We both know there is a reason, something is up. Please reach out to me, send me a short email describing your problem and I will arrange a FREE 30 minute personal consultation with you.
Speaking 1-1 is much easier than writing a website, you will find that I am able to intuitively pick up on your saboteurs and get you back on track again.



The good news is… we do not have to wait for a movie to come along to step into our chosen character. We can cast ourselves for the lead role we wish to play in our life via an honest evaluation of who we are now. Only then can we close the gap between reality and fantasy.

Create a new identity just like an actor can with the use of acting and coaching techniques combined with real life experiences.

Ready to take the next step and work with me?
Then take a look at the coaching programs below and get back to me with the one that piques your interest.

Unsure if you are able to work face to face?
Then why not try this life skills self starter kit that contains 6  e-course´s  jammed packed with valuable life skills.

Find out more about this life coaching package that I am selling for just 11€ by clicking on the link below.Why wait, you can get started today!



Embark on your journey of self-discovery with these 3 life changing programs!   Use the same process I have used to create my new life and identity as a life coach. Watch this short video promo to find out more or click on the titles seen below for full program details.

Casting you for your role in life!
Over the years we pick up and accumulate bad habits. This program will help you clear the path ahead of any negative emotions that can sabotage our chances of true success. Find out what it is you truly want for your life and how you can make it happen.

Being the star you already are.
Feeling misunderstood and stuck in a dead end job is not going to get you the lifestyle you deserve to be living . Career goals and clear communication with others are key. Fulfill your dreams with realistic & time lined goals that you can achieve.

Figure 8 weeks, your mental wellness.
Harmonizing of Mind, Body & Soul. Daily stresses can take their toll leading to illnesses and mental health problems. Learn how to manage your stress effectively look good, get fit, get healthy.  Say goodbye to feeling tired all the time and get set to feel excited with life.


“Selina helped me to quit smoking which was something been trying to do for years. She is very focused.”


“Fantastic personal coach, highly effective. I appreciated her flexibility and kindness.”



Stay focused on your dreams, take action and make them real. Use, my knowledge & expertise of starting a business with no money to being a CEO of a Casting Agency, Casting for BBC & ITV productions, Top Brand Commercials, Nº1 TV Series’ Music Videos, Films & Much More!

Find out what success means to you. What will it take for you to feel successful, happy and accomplished? Find out what you are passionate about in life and of how you can transform your passions and talents into a business of your own. You too, like me can find your place in life with the completion of these programs.


Life Coach Marbella salina stone teen & transformational coach marbella


Fast track your success, stop holding yourself your back. Find your happiness, invest in yourself using your talents & skills. Get ready to learn from your mistakes and turn them to your own advantage. Watch this short video promo for more info or click on the titles below.

What will make you happy?
Stop messing around with the small stuff and lets get serious. Money does not buy happiness or contentment, it helps, but it will not fill that empty void you are desperately seeking to fill. Happiness is an inside job and I can help you find it.

Selina´s Coaching Services
When your fairy god mother is on strike and its time to self motivate who are you going to call? Me!!! Be held accountable each week for your dreams with a plan of action containing specific daily action steps that leads directly to the attainment of your goal.

Prepare for your success in life!
Turn your low paying dead end job into a fulfilling and lucrative career by accessing the power you hold in the palm of your hands. Technology has advanced over the years, stay savvy learn only what you need to know to represent yourself online like a pro.

Social Media Video Promos @ accessyoursuccess.info


Welcome to Access Your Success, my passion let loose for your use. Turn the visions in your mind, into an online presence that says WOW!

It would give me great pleasure to create a video for your products or services. Click on the video to see an example of my work or the link.

All of the videos seen on my website have been produced and edited by me. I hope you have enjoyed watching them like I have creating them.


Create your own Mastermind Group, with people on the same path as you, hold each other accountable and share the costs of a coaching session between you.

If you are an event coordinator and wish for any of the above coaching programs to be hosted as a workshop then please contact Selina directly.

Please view www.owningitlifecoaching.com for the masterminds Selina is working alongside. Coaches at the top of their game, also available for workshops & retreats.

Coaching sessions at your home or place of business.

100€ per hour:  Coastline of Benalmadena to Estepona.

Hourly coaching sessions bespoke to you and the programs you wish to complete.

For areas out of this region, travel expenses are charged. Please contact Selina directly for specific quotes.

Coaching sessions held via video or audio call.

FaceTime | Skype | WhatsApp International calls | Spanish Mobiles | Spanish Landlines.

GOLD | 12hrs  of coaching sessions | 400€

SILVER | 8hrs  of coaching sessions | 300€

BRONZE | 4hrs  of coaching sessions | 200€


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