Building Rapport Effortlessly

How to Be A Great Communicator

Building Rapport in 6 steps

 You meet different types of people everyday. It is not possible to make and maintain a good relationship with all of them. No one clicks with every person he/she meets. However, it’s important for you to create positive interactions with those who can push your buttons.

Communication needs to be result oriented. Building rapport is the ultimate tool for producing results and is vital for effective communication. The foundation for any meaningful interaction, it makes you more memorable and can be critical in your personal life and career.

Building rapport is similar to building a bridge over a river. The stronger the bridge, the more it can carry. In a relationship, you can ask for more if you have better rapport with the other person.

Irrespective of your knowledge about the person, there are 6 main steps to establish rapport with anyone.

Communication is much more than exchange of words. In fact, 93% of all communication is down to the tonality of your voice and your body language. So, building rapport is far more than just talking about common experiences.

However, people like people when they resemble themselves. When they don’t, it is difficult to have any kind of relationship, let alone an effective one!

Some people easily build rapport with others. Take a look into your past. Was building rapport an easy a job for you? Even if you are a master rapport builder, for sure you’ve also had times when you thought, “Oh, what am I going to do and say next?”

Everyone has such experiences.

Or consider an entirely different situation. You are so tired and have a terrible headache. Then a friend or colleague comes jumping in and full of energy, wanting to talk your head off? There have also been times, for sure, when you turned out to be the irritating friend.

So, let’s take a look at the 6 things you need to do to build rapport. Watch this video to find out how or download the written copy of this course.

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Effective Communication Skills

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