The Communication Process

Understanding the Communication Process.

How Does Miscommunication Occur?

Communication is vital to all of us, for without this skill we will be quite helpless and the world around us would be blank. After all every person, be it a worker, manager or a teenager, have interactions with other people almost all throughout their life.

It is easy to tell a person to do a task but the person may not interpret your command properly, thus resulting in a task that may not match your exact requirements.

That is where the difference between communicating and communicating effectively becomes apparent.

Always remember that an effective communication goes far beyond the words you say. For a communication process to be effective, one has to know the other person’s views and the style of absorbing information.

In short, if you want to convey your message across to the other persons’ mind, you need to adopt a style and approach that will evoke the desired response.

Effective communicators are well versed in the action signals and communication strategies that can be brought out from a person and adopt their style to make sure that their communications are effective.

In this chapter we will cover the basic process of communication and the issues that lead to miscommunication.

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Effective Communication Skills

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