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Which are the characteristics that you desire in a partner do you not have?

   Hello and welcome to this new web series how 2 love, follow these weekly instructions and you will soon be clean and clear and happy in love. Hi. I am Selina Stone a master life coach and I will be presenting you each week with a new key that opens the door to love! These wisdoms and teachings that I am sharing with you were passed onto by my mentor and teacher David Essel who has over 30 yrs experience and a high success rate amongst his clients. This week we will be focusing on which of the characteristics do you desire in a partner do you not have? Do you see the pattern? – We are getting really specific, we are slowing down so much that we are getting out of the illusion the fairytale, the fantasy of love and we are working it, we are working it at such a deep level. We want to explore, the mental, emotional, physical characteristics, spiritually as well as life purpose characteristics Between now and our next session I want you to go deep and really at look at this question and everyday for the next 7 days following these 3 steps this is what I want you to do…..

Step 1 – write down this question think about it Which are the characteristics that you desire in a partner do you not have? Let’s get really honest, let’s say you are women and you are looking for someone who has a great relationship with their mother and you look at yourself and go wow i do not have a great relationship with your father.  .

Step 2 – visualise – write scenario the feelings it brings to mind, describe the pictures you are seeing, NOW go BACK to that list of the characteristics that you would like that YOU think would be a good match for you and re write all of the characteristics that you do not have, in other words i am looking for someone who is always on time, when you are not.  I am looking for someone who has a great body, but i really do not take good care of my body. I am looking for someone with incredible passion in life, but honestly I go to work, come home and watch TV I really do not have a lot of passion. We might want to do a little rearranging here about changing ourselves and not the other person the people we are attracting

Step 3 – repetition – write and re write your answers, look at this question everyday over the next week, what does this statement mean to you, what is its meaning in your life which of the characteristics do you desire in a partner that you do not have, now sometimes we write down I desire a take charge partner and I do not have that mentality and as you will hear in my closing statement there are exceptions to the rule.

Now Opposites can attract, but you do have to have some very powerful strong identical philosophies about life especially so if you’re a very strong person, the decision maker and that’s just who you are, that’s your makeup not an ego thing, that is one of yours gifts, that you’re a mover, a shaker a decision maker  that’s who you are and the odds are that the person who is a good match for you weather you are a women who is the life charger or a guy the odds are the characteristics that you are looking for to compliment that is not of the same make up. And why do we say that? because when couples are both like this, they are the same, it is so hard for them to slow down and be humble they both want to make decisions and be in charge, they both want to be the dominant one in the relationship  and its absolutely  a night mare.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason why I am here for you. Until next week,

Be Lucky!

Selina Stone

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