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What new avenues would you like to try to find a compatible partner?

Hello and welcome to how 2 love, follow these weekly instructions and you will soon be on your way to manifesting deep and meaningful love into your life. Learn how to attract the love we desire and deserve with these 3-4 minute blogs each week.

We have to be proactive, this is one of the action steps that we will be getting into this week is where are we going to go next? We know what we have done in the past, So, now what are we going to do that’s new, where are we going to go that is different? If already in a relationship this question does not apply to you. But we do have to jump out of the box by making you think deeper, risking doing what you normally do not do; weather you are in a relationship or not. Risk! You do the homework every day, you do the letter writing even though you think its corny, if we do what we normally do not, this is when breakthroughs come through, makes sense doesn’t t it?

Hi. I am Selina stone a master life coach and I will be presenting you each week with a new key that opens the door to love! These wisdoms and teachings that I am sharing with you were passed onto by my mentor and teacher David Essel who has over 30 yrs experience and a high success rate amongst his clients.

Between now and our next session I want you to go deep and really at look at this question and everyday for the next 7 days following these 3 steps this is what I want you to do…..

Step 1 – write down this question think about it.
What new avenues would you like to try to find a compatible partner? If you do not know of any other avenues write down all of your passions, is it photography, windsurfing, cooking classes, sports, dance what is it? Because we want to find, to attract people with whom we are compatible with in life. List them all down and think about it are there clubs in your area that you can contact and join like meet up groups check out, Open your mind, your perfect match maybe there

Step 2 – visualization – write the scenario the feelings it brings to mind, the triggers, the memories of the past, then fast forward and jump into the future what do you see, describe the pictures you are seeing, just write them all down.
Let’s do what you do not know or do what you have not yet done. In regards to the rules of dating, we need to do that, if what you have done in the past has not worked do something different; the odds are we need to try a new venue.

Step 3 – repetition – write and re write your answers, look at this question everyday over the next week , what does this statement mean to you, what is its meaning in your life

What new avenue would you like to try to find a new compatible partner, what kind of list did you come up with? If you only have come up with one or two things then go back and do this exercise again. This time call friends, family members ask them what they would do if looking for deep love, where would they go for a compatible partner and they have not found it yet where might they go to look. We have to be open and receptive to new ideas.

This is an important step to take, because if we sit in and wait because we think love is going to find us we are pretty screwed. The odds are the pizza guy or girl being the love of your life is pretty small.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason I am here. And if you feel you would like me to personally coach you, inspire and motivate then please feel free to contact me via my website
Until next week,
Be Lucky!
Selina Stone