How 2 Love…

Define what a love relationship means to you.


Hello and welcome to this new web series how 2 love, follow these weekly instructions and you will soon be clean and clear and happy in love.

Hi. I am Selina stone a master life coach and I will be presenting you each week with a new key that opens the door to love! These wisdoms and teachings that I am sharing with you were passed onto me by my mentor and teacher David Essel who has over 30 yrs experience and a high success rate amongst his clients.

Last week you found out what is that you really want in love, this week we will define what a love relationship means to you. There are no right or wrong answers here, love is about the love you define, you are in charge here, you are in control, too often we fall into societal views of love, illusions of love, different things that you read in romance novels about love, buts it’s not really your definition, that’s not about you.

Define what a love relationship means to you.

Step 1 – write down this question think about it. – Define what a love relationship means to you, The first definition we write, will be ones we learned from our first books, from our family and from society, Or you might be one of the rare ones where you have a very good concept of what a love relationship is, but you have not as yet been able to manifest it because of the blocks that are holding you back

Step 2 – Visualization – write scenario the feelings it brings to mind, describe the pictures you are seeing – I want you to write about the role you play your character , the roles other people play, come on let’s get clear on what is your role? And then what would you hope your partners role to turn into right now if you are in a relationship.

Step 3 – Repetition write and re write your answers, look at this question everyday over the next week , what does this statement mean to you, what is its meaning in your life? Think about that, what does a love relationship means what to you? To be in a love relationship means what? Review the question daily spend at least 10mins going over them, re writing them, we want to get really clear here in the beginning, that’s why we going at a pace that’s nice and slow and more often than not this definition will change as we progress through this series

In this course we will get to the chore, we will find out what that block is that is holding you back from love and living a life you deserve. this is not to say you will not attract back the same kind of partners as before, the bad boys, the needy men or women the alcoholics, whatever it might be, but the difference is that once you find your one thing that is blocking you and you remove it, you will not be interested in them past one date, one week, one month and they will be gone, you will let them go.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason why I am here for you.
Until next week,

Be Lucky!

Selina Stone

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