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The resentments

Hello and welcome to how 2 love, follow these weekly instructions and you will soon be on your way to manifesting deep and meaningful love into your life. Learn how to attract the love we desire and deserve when we watch these short video blogs each week.

We are now finding out what our blocks are that are holding us back from creating a lasting love relationship, last week we looked at the excuses, today we will be concentrating on the resentments. If you or I have any resentments what so ever in regards to intimacy or love, any at all about a past partner that hurt us or abused us even cheated on us, or against our parents for never teaching us about love because they were alcoholics or they were distant with each other so we had no role models, if we hold onto any resentments at all we will never find that deep and meaningful love that we are looking for.
The reason being you can fall in love in lust and everything is going well, but as soon as your partner does something it triggers a memory from your past, linked to your resentment against men, against women, mum, dad, ex partner, they will pay the price. You will not even know that you are doing it.

Hi. I am Selina stone a master life coach and I will be presenting you each week with a new key that opens the door to love! These wisdoms and teachings that I am sharing with you were passed onto by my mentor and teacher David Essel who has over 30 yrs experience and a high success rate amongst his clients.

Between now and our next session I want you to go deep and really at look at this question and everyday for the next 7 days following these 3 steps this is what I want you to do…..

Step 1 – write down this question think about it. What resentments are you holding onto?
The following scenarios are all incredible blocks to creating deep love.
My former lover cheated, mistreated me. So the resentment here is hey you know what this is going to happen again

Could it be that you saw your dad or mum being horrible to the each other, now that’s a horrendous reflection of love and you could be holding onto a resentment that it was your dad who mistreated mum, first of all it takes two people to tango in a dysfunctual relationship, the fact that mum or dad stayed if highly mistreated does not say a lot about mum or dad quite honestly.

Step 2 – visualization – write the scenario the feelings it brings to mind, the triggers, the memories of the past, describe the pictures you are seeing, just write them all down. A few more examples that comes to mind, we have all heard the expressions, Most men are players, all guys cheat on you; all men just want one thing. sex, and it’s not just me that thinks that my girlfriends do too, cos when we get together and we go out and take a look around, we find a hot guy but we know straight away he is a player, cos he is talking to 3 women at the same time!

So here we have a mindset that all men are players and your girlfriends are now there with you reinforcing that belief. What do you think you are going attract?

And its not just the girls getting together and gossiping in this way, it’s the guys too. Do you constantly say and belief that women just want to be supported financially. Is this what you think? Do you think that all women want you for is to be their meal ticket – now that’s a great attitude to have when looking for love, not! Trust me this is a resentment that has to be let go of.

Step 3 – repetition – write and re write your answers, look at this question everyday over the next week, what does this statement mean to you, what is its meaning in your life., look at the excuses you use the blocks as to why you are not experiencing deep love now, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves as we move forward and start looking at our patterns we will find things out that we have been hiding from ourselves.

Again i want you to go deeper and go over these questions everyday for the next 7 days, we have to be brutally honest even if we are not proud to admit them. Find out what your resentments are and figure a way to let go of them. To do this you may ask your friends what resentments they pick up on that you share to them about men / women or your current partner, ask your brothers, sisters, family that you are close too, ask them if they think you have any resentments about a current partner, men, women that you constantly bring up to them in conversations, ask them for their opinions, send it in by email, an email is the best way to communicate when dealing with these delicate situations, sometimes when you ask or phone they can be a little shy to give us the truth but in an email there is a good chance they will answer honestly.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason I am here. And if you feel you would like me to personally coach you, inspire and motivate then please feel free to contact me via my website

Until next week,

Be Lucky!

Selina Stone

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