How 2 Love…

What are the characteristics of a person, that you think would be a good match for you now?

Hello and welcome to this new web series how 2 love, follow these weekly instructions and you will soon be clean and clear and happy in love.

Hi. I am Selina stone a master life coach and I will be presenting you each week with a new key that opens the door to love! These wisdoms and teachings that I am sharing with you were passed onto by my mentor and teacher David Essel who has over 30 yrs experience and a high success rate amongst his clients.

This week we are going to look at what are the characteristics of a person that would be a good match for you. Now here we go, we are starting to go into the future, we are evolving, we are saying OK, if these are the characteristics of the past which we covered in last week’s session, the common traits that i brought in through the pattern writing did not work, What do we want the next person that we date, that we are with to have?

Between now and our next session I want you to go deep and really at look at this question and everyday for the next 7 days following these 3 steps this is what I want you to do…..

Step 1 – write down this question think about it – what are the characteristics of a person that would be a good match for you. Ask friends and family of the people that you have dated in the past which characteristics worked, rocked was it honesty, integrity, do what they say they are going to do, someone on time. Maybe you are a spontaneous person and that works for you or maybe not, maybe opposites attract. Just write everything down that you like

Step 2 – visualize – write scenario the feelings it brings to mind, describe the pictures you are seeing,, when you get clear about the characteristics of the person you want to bring into your life the chemistry is going to take over and you will find that the physical while its important may or may not hold the same importance on the ladder of the characteristics after  you do this work today, i want you to write about the characteristics the ones just under the skin that you think would be a good match for you, and that would be about their purpose in life if they have one at all

Step 3 – repetition  – write and re write your answers, look at this question everyday over the next week , what does this statement mean to you, what is its meaning in your life. Creating love is about you, no one else, it’s not about the way your parents did it, your family, you can take the great attributes of it if there are, if not then don’t, it’s not about societal views, do what is right for you. I want you to be so highly tailored, that you do not need to worry about becoming insecure,, do what is crucially important to you, make sure that these are your values not someone else’s, it’s about  getting clear on what you want out of love.

If we do not get clear on what we do not want and what we do, we will continue to keep attracting the same kind of guys as before, either they are really needy, alcoholic or they are just bad and why do you think that is? later on we will talk about the  law of attraction and there is no doubt , that there is something within each and every one of us, that  is calling out  for that type of person that is not a good match for us because that is what we believe what we deserve. The law of attraction, the blocks the resistance we need to remove from out life including the partners that do not serve us that maybe still in our life right now.

Well that’s all we have time for today, I look forward to you all tuning in again next week. In the meantime please subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the next session is aired. Together we can stay on track to creating a deep meaningful love into your life and that’s the reason why I am here for you. Until next week,

Be Lucky!

Selina Stone

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