Your Life´s Purpose

What do you want to be in life?

So far during this program, we have identified some goals that could get you juiced up and charged. We have seen ways in which changing becomes a must for you. We have also been introduced to techniques to help you weed out the ‘clutter’ and excess ‘baggage’ in your life that bogs you down. Now, that’s a lot!

 In this session we are going to do some soul searching.

Let’s look at your LIFE’S PURPOSE.

Understand that you might have just one chance to experience life. One chance to do what you yearn for, what gives you fulfilment and joy. It is what you are here for and what you stand for that is important rather than what you actually did when the fat lady sings.

This session is primarily meant to look at that.

Welcome to part 5 of this 6 part on-line coaching program.

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