Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination will block you from achieving your goals.

Let´s recap & then we will continue. So far during this program, you will have with you a list of goals and the reasons WHY you feel you want to achieve them. Now, take the list and read through the reasons.

 Do they make you feel energized and motivated to achieve them?

 The question is crucial, because if they do not, you have to either come forward with better reasons or ditch the goal altogether. Especially when you find yourself using words to put of completing your tasks such as; Tomorrow. Later. Afterwards. are just but a few words that are almost like synonyms of procrastination.

 Many people are affected by this tendency to put off things for later. However, postponing things for tomorrow or next week only further extends to another tomorrow or another week.

 In short, one word that you should take out of your life to be successful is PROCRASTINATION. Chuck it out!

 There are so many forms of procrastination, of which we will look into now.

Welcome to part 3 of this 6 part on-line coaching program.


Extract taken from the on-line life skills coaching program “Get Motivated” a 6 part e-course that has been designed for you to do in your own time, with or without the use of an accountability coach. The choice is yours, find out more…

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Procrastination. Find out more with this on-line life skills coaching program. Download now! Master life coach Selina Stone

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