The Wow Factor

We look at what is important to you in life, the person you would like to be, your values & image. The secret of success here lies in a visual image of how you want to act, walk, talk, think & move your body like. It is important to know what to aspire for. Do not hold back, let your imagination lead the way then choose the looks & characteristics that you admire the most & make them a part of your everyday life. Go, on give yourself the WOW Factor!

Who do you dream you could be?

Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Craig, Halle Berry were all homeless before they made it big! & now they are worth millions.

Motivational Celebrity Quotes & Stories to help inspire you along the way

Jennifer Lopez wanted to be a dancer, and her mother wanted her to go to college — and they couldn’t see eye to eye. So, she moved out when she was 18 years old and started sleeping on the sofa of her dance studio. A few months later she landed a job dancing in Europe when she got back she landed her first big break! Today the 45-year-old singer, actress, producer and designer is worth an estimated $300 million. Not bad for someone who started out with just her dreams!

Daniel Craig AKA James Bond used to sleep on park benches when he was a struggling actor looking to make his name. He now has several critically acclaimed movies on his resume and is estimated net worth is a staggering $65 million.

Halle Berry moved to Chicago in her early 20s to become an actor, her mum no longer supported her dream and stopped sending her money when she had ran out, so she had to make her own way and lived in a homeless shelter.  Yet, she went on to be the first and the only woman of African-American descent to win an Oscar for a leading role.

When you are faced with your woes and troubles just think what your role model would do. Where there is a will, there is a way out for you. Nothing is ever as bad as it may seem.