Star Retreat 2 weeks with Selina Stone for Star Transformation.


Make a date with Selina Stone 1-1 for 2 weeks, reserve your place. Bookings start 10,000€. This fee includes star treatments & professional makeover and mental health checks with editing & publishing skills. Please note accommodation is extra and is booked and paid directly by you.



STAR RETREAT with Selina Stone, Personal Coach, Casting Director, Creative Director, Video Creator, TV Presenter & Extra.

All you need to know to be your own life coach and brand guru.

Complete levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 the making of stars and heroes at 5 star bootcamp 1-1 for Total Star Transformation in 14 days  & 14 nights. Check in on your mental health + editing & publishing skills.

We will be covering the full program 1-1 in a luxury villa paid directly by you.

  • 3hr Mental Health Checks 1-4 | Steps 1-16 Level 1  Casting You. Your Role in Life. Covering of Identity.
  • 3hr Mental Health Checks 5-8 | Steps 17-32 Level 2 Superstar. Being the Star. Covering of Career.
  • 2hr Mental Health Checks 9-14 | Steps 33-56 Level 3 Celebrity Lifestyle. Tools of Rich & Famous. Covering of Mind, Body & Soul.
  • 4hr Mental Health Checks 1-14. Level 4 Star Skills. Editing & Publishing of 4 Steps + Report + Video on PC or Mac.

Star Retreat for 2 weeks, prepping your comeback in life with The Making of Stars & Heroes, including a professional star makeover! Making you feel whole and complete. From the inside and out. Meet with Star You and enjoy the Star Life Experience.

  • Malaga Airport Pick Up and Drop Off
  •  2 week stay in Private Luxury Villa in South of Spain
  • Complete Mental Health Check In 1-14
  • 14 days of Professional Make Over
  • 14 days of Professional Photos
  • 14 days of Presenting on Camera
  • Edit & Publish own Star Videos & Star Reports Checks 1-14
  • Edit with own words + Voice Over Workshops for Steps 1-56
  • Star Treatments; Meditation, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Massage, Yoga + More!
  • Celebration Star Graduation! Star night out with Limo to Marbella, Banus.
  • 1 Professional Before & After Video.

Find out about all the things you want to be, do and have. View your options, possibilities and choices. Its fun, its exciting, its the discovering of you, talents and skills. Completed with a team of professionals for star makeover, photos and videos! Making YOU look Dapper . Feeling Glamorous!

Are you ready to fall in love with you and your life? Appreciate all of the things you could and can do that you keep putting off for another day, manaña, manaña as they say here in the South of Spain.

Are you lacking the inspiration to follow through and Take Action? Feeling unloved, unworthy, currently lacking in self esteem and confidence?

The fact we are loved by many, but we do not see it, instead we hate ourselves because we judge what we do harshly, we strive to be good but we are never good enough, we fall back, we do things we do not like, because its familiarity, its the known, it gets us through our daily routine, it serves its purpose and we live another day.

If this is you… The Star Retreat is perfect for you.

2 weeks is all it takes for me to prep your mindset and stage your comeback in life. Together we will be covering all aspects of your mental health; mind, body and soul! Plus you will be shown how to edit your own videos and publish your own reports documenting your star life story containing 210 things about you, life, people and work. Ensuring you will remember all of the things covered.

We do the work between the hours of 9-5pm and then receive our rewards in the evening, after a hard days work documenting your journey of self discovery. Experience personal satisfaction and star treatments at the end of each day.

Say yes to YOU, make this 2 weeks count. Make it your time to step into the spotlight and present who you really are to the world at Star Bootcamp. The Making of Stars & Heroes.

The fee today is to reserve one date with Selina Stone, only 6 available per year. This fee shows you are serious about making this commitment and secures your time with Selina Stone 1-1 (fee non refundable) will be deducted from the final price agreed. Full Payment is made via bank transfer,

Please note pricing varies according to seasons for the rental of high end luxury villas in Spain, properties will be sent within your budget for you to select plus the fess of extra special requests you may wish to add to the package also like delicacy you must have during your stay. Either way, you will walk away transformed, with a new look and a new outlook on life.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.


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