Breakthrough Sessions with Selina Stone Online 30 minutes


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Breakthrough your mental health issues and personal branding with Selina Stone. Tackle just one thing at a time, as and when needed. My knowledge and expertise is to put you on the fast track to success!

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Breakthrough Sessions with Selina Stone, Personal Coach, Casting Director, Creative Director, Video Creator, TV Presenter & Extra.

Sharing Secrets of the Trades 1-1 online per 30 minute session.


      • Valuable Work Skills, Edit Videos, Reels, Posters & Magazines
      • Your One Thing 90 days Action Pan
      • Love & Relationships
      • Holistic Addiction Recovery

Why would you or someone you know check in with Selina Stone when you are struggling with a mental health issue or personal branding online?

What’s the biggest problem you see with people signing up for yet another online 1-1 coaching program promising the world, do any really work?  and If so, why are there so many around and why are they so expensive to sign up for?

Good Points, The problem is that its difficult for many people to commit to a specific time and date for 1-1 coaching, most people have busy schedules and may get overwhelmed at the prospect of commitment. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult once you do say yes I will, the results you will soon be seeing will make you excel and rocket you forward in life.

There are millions of people putting on a front everyday. Needing help, not knowing who to ask or who to trust with their personal secrets, dreams and desires. People signing up on every course they come across, they get excited at the thought of completion and what it will bring, yet they never actually complete them, they get distracted from their purpose.

What’s important here is zoning in on the right kind of person who will speak to you on your level,  inspire you to reach and attain your goals.So, how does someone leverage the power of a Breakthrough Session with Selina Stone to get what they want in life?  I like to give a few specific principles:

TIP # 1-Find meaning, serendipity style is how we flow doing the things we love most.

TIP #2–When in the flow and on the go we overcome the one thing in front of you right now.

TIP #3— Bring your future vision into the now with the use of tools & resources you have access too.

My expertise as a Life Coach, Casting Director, Video Creator  is focused on helping people with their mental health and personal branding. For those that want to learn more visit my homepage

I am happy to help, because the market has shifted online and its important for people to be able to take care of their mental health and build up reputation with the branding of their personal services and or business.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.

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