Check In Online with Selina Stone VIP 5 Star Tours


Stars and Heroes Mental Health Checks 1-1 Online covering of identity, career, body & lifestyle. Your Star Life documented & presented step by step with your photos, videos and reports! Complete 1 mental health check day / week / month with 4 steps of 30 minutes 1-1 online + 1 hr bonus assignment.

Complete this program with me Selina Stone or with a Star Agent Nº7 and pay per step 60€. Compete 4 steps and you will be sent your Check Review + VIP 5 Star Awards for FREE complimentary of Stars Retreat TV for having completed 5 Star Classes.


Check In Online with Selina Stone VIP 5 Star Tours

The Making of Stars & Heroes and their Agents

Covering Mental Health Checks with Stars, Heroes and their Agents all they need to know to be their own life coach and brand guru. Watch FREE VIEW Stars Retreat streaming via Amazon fire and Roku.

Embark on a journey of self discovery with your life story documented as a star & hero.

Check 1 | Steps 1-4 “Reality TV” for profiling of background information and the set up of Star Blueprint. These being your Story Rewrites. Inspiring real-life from victim to hero.

Check 2 | Steps 5-8 “The Wish List” for profiling of key characteristics. Discovering of Star Qualities, Talents & Skills. This is your VIP Brief. Your Star Specifications for the leading role.

Check  3  | Steps 9-12 “In Development” for profiling of mentality handling of change. Perspective. Recalibration. Star Treatments Holding the Fort. Stress Less with Opportunities for time out. Plan B.

Check  4 | Steps 13-16 “Your Premiere” for profiling of personal worth & value. Picture perfect. Your Star Roles & Fees, begin negotiations of star terms and conditions. Next level Superstar!

Check 5 | Steps 17-20 ” The Red Carpet” for profiling of public persona. Experience 1st hand Star Magnetism. Your life as a super one take wonder. Setting the scenes and attracting the dream.

Check 6 | Steps 21-24 “The Sharks” for profiling of self-sabotage. The Stars Survival guide. Check in with you PR STAR SOS *prevention of nightmares. No exceptions, no scandals allowed.

Check 7 | Steps 25-28 “Your Oscar” for profiling of life purpose. Star Investments. Your Star Movie Budget, your price to pay for picture perfect. Paying for the dream the cost of making it real.

Check 8 | Steps 29-32 “Your Blockbuster” for profiling of winning mindset. The Big Picture. Your Call & Choices. You make the shots! Enjoy the ride. This is your life. Welcome to Celebrity Lifestyle.

Check 9 | Steps 33 -36  “The Perfect Body” for profiling of being on point. Exercising of self-control. Introducing VIP Star Menus, crucial for maintaining star weight and your busy lifestyle.

Check 10 | Steps 37-40 “Holistic Healing” for profiling of healing powers. Stars Self-healing Abilities. Natures Ways & Remedies. Realigning energies, fuelling your body with natural help aids.

Check 11 | Steps 41 -44 “Amazing Mind” for profiling of driving force. Stars Self-Awareness. Focus & Drive. Explore endless possibilities, play them out, enter the zone. Experience the knowing.

Check 12 | Steps 45 – 48  “Beautiful Soul” for profiling of personal enlightenment. Stars Self-Responsibility. All the things for experiencing of Happiness & Serenity. Stars Peace of mind.

Check 13 | Steps 49-52 “Free Spirit” for profiling of personal empowerment. Stars Self-Trust. Flying high its all surreal. These are your Spiritual Guidelines keeping you grounded at all times.

Check 14 “The Secret” for profiling plan of action. Self-Made Stars. Right Place & Time. Making IT happen. Rocking & Rolling Your life, your rules. Slaying goals. Congratulations Graduation!!!!

Complete 1 mental health check weekly or 1 monthly with 4 x 30 minutes sessions 1-1 online. 

Stars and Heroes Mental Health Checks 1-14

Complete mental health check in 1-14 covering all you need to know to be your own life coach and brand guru with the presenting of 210 things about you, life, people and work documented with star videos and star reports. Ensuring you will alway remember your journey of self discovery and the information you uncovered with the collection of your very own 5 star press releases upon completion of each mental health check 1-14.

The Making of Stars and Heroes book in for VIP 5 star press release!

Select 1 mental health check in, the one that you wish to complete now, then book in for 4 sessions of 30 minutes 1-1 online with Selina Stone, who will then walk you through 4 steps on your way to the check in and the collection of your 5 star awards at your check review.

Enjoy star life experience. At the end of each session report back with 1 photo + 3 fact report in preparation of your  5 star press release upon completion of each check in.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.

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