Love and Relationships Online with Selina Stone


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Mastering of love with self and others. This whole love relationship course is all about becoming aware of who you are, the strengths you have, the personal challenges you have to overcome to bring true love into your life.

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Love and Relationships Online

with Selina Stone, Personal Coach, Casting Director, Creative Director, Video Creator, TV Presenter & Extra.

Sharing Secrets of the Trades 1-1 online pay per 30 minute sessions.

Total Program Takes 8hrs


Mastering of self love
Setting of healthy boundaries Clearing the past.
Take your relationships to another level with the completion of this course.

Most of us are in a rush to find love because we think it will complete us. But the cold hard fact is if we do not take the time to build an amazingly solid foundation with ourselves first and then with another person it will never last.

We want the rush, the thrill, the excitement… all without the work it takes to deepen ourselves…. to communicate with a partner and truly commit.

Love demands that you honour the union between you and your partner so deeply that you are willing to let go of many of your own desires when that bond is threatened.

If you are not ready to put your own ego in the back seat at times so that your partner can go after his or her own personal goals then maybe you are not ready for love.

How do you know you are ready for love?

When you can allow your partner to pursue his or her lifes dream even if it means putting yours on hold. Then you are ready for love.

Remember love relationships are meant to enable a couple to create an existence that allows them the satisfaction of retaining their individuality. While at the same time knowing there is something much bigger that they share.

Find out now more by booking yourself in for the completion of this 8 hour love and relationships program.

If you value your relationships then you will put in the time and effort required. If not then you can say addios. Its your choice & yours alone to make. This is the same program Selina used to clear herself of abuse from the past.

Live life with no regrets & give your best always. If we all were to put the same amount of time and effort into our relationships as we did at the beginning then life would be so much better for all.

Red Flags to look for:

  • You feel that if you found your soul mate life would be fantastic
  • You are afraid to voice your opinions in a new relationship
  • You go along with your partners wishes even when you would usually say “No Thank You”
  • When you enter into new relationships you drop out of sight from your friends and put your usual activities on hold
  • New relationships make you feel afraid to trust your feelings and speak to your partner about them
  • You are still looking for your knight or princess

If you refuse to look at past errors, how can we expect to avoid repeating them?

Common Mistakes to Make

  1. Saying “I love you” to quickly
  2. Becoming physically intimate before you truly know a person and his or hers true intentions and desires.
  3. Not knowing what you truly want out of the love relationship. Are you seeking to commit or just want to date?

Love and Relationships Online with Selina Stone 1-1

TOTAL 8 HOURS  Consultations via via Skype | FaceTime | What’s App
Reserve your Time. pay per 30 minute sessions

Single | Couples | Ages 16 years plus Learn how we may put the spark back into our life with the completion of the 8hr love and relationships program.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.


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