Holistic Addiction Recovery Online with Selina Stone


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The Last Resort. When all else fails… Heal your addictions via The Holistic Methods. This approach to recovery can also be taken alongside the 12 steps program, and or any other currently on the market.

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Holistic Addiction Recovery Online 1-1

with Selina Stone, Personal Coach, Casting Director, Creative Director, Video Creator, TV Presenter & Extra.

Sharing Secrets of the Trades  1-1 online pay per 30 minute sessions.


  • Spirituality, Exercise, Diet Supplements, Meditation
  • Motivation, Behaviour and belief change techniques
  • Build a deeper spiritual foundation
  • Deal with crisis and chaos
  • Manage stress
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Improve Communication at home or work
  • Be clean. clear and become highly focused
  • Learn Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the 12 Step Model – Download for free pdf version 12 steps, 12 traditions.

Make a commitment to compete this program in full Total of 20 HOURS  
BOOK IN FOR INTENSIVE. Complete in 3 x 30 mins weekly  / 90 mins sessions

Pay per 30 minute sessions, book in and complete. See how you feel after following through on doing just this one thing.

Get ready to love your life once more and beat your addictions via the holistic way. Be in control. Learn how to say NO and be HAPPY with your CHOICES in life. READ MORE 

How can someone heal themselves of an addiction if they try and fail each time they said they would stop? What is different about Holistic Addiction Recovery Online?   

The problem is that its difficult for people to stop doing the things they know are bad for them, even if they secretly admit to self, they still seem unable to do stop themselves from playing out the same role over and over again. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve got the right strategy in place for people to become clean, clear and highly focused.

There really are millions of people healing from addictions everyday, they understand the healing process. What’s important is zoning in on the right kind of treatment and not being forced into the completion of a program being told its this way or no way at all.

Unlike other addiction programs on the market, Holistic Addiction Recovery Online is designed to heal you of any and all addictions. It enables people to discover the source of the problem, the root cause, the real reason why they had an addiction in the first place, the  reason why they do what they do. There is no escaping. Keeping this perspective is the biggest challenge.

So, how can completing Holistic Addiction Recovery Online help people stop doing the things that no longer serve them?  I like to give a few specific principles:

TIP # 1– Accountability explore a 12 step program and other resources for personal support and listen to other peoples stories.

TIP #2–Explore tools and resources that make you feel good about self.

TIP #3–Live a life in congruency with who you are from the heart and core.

My expertise is Holistic Addiction Recovery and I focus on helping people beat their addictions the holistic way.  For those that want to learn more they can read here

I AM happy to help, because its important for people too achieve peace of mind. I believe in second chances in life. We are all worthy of love, deserving of being and living a life on purpose.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.


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