Addiction Recovery

Via the Holistic Way

This is the natural way of being. Free yourself of negative thinking and any bad habits that do not serve you anymore. Stop sabotaging chances of success and take yourself to where you are truly meant to be. To be happy, to be free, to live the life that you wish for real. This is the program Selina used to heal her addictions in life.

This holistic addiction recovery course is a great program for all above the ages of 18 years. It´s primary purpose is to show to you an alternative lifestyle, where we live in the moment free of anxieties and stress. Its a great way to learn the tools to use in everyday life that will enable you to say “NO” and stay away from anything that may hinder your growth.

RECOMMEND Intensive Holistic Addiction Program

3 Months Program | 90 minutes weekly for 12 weeks via Skype or FaceTime.

1 Month AfterCare | 4 x 30 mins weekly sessions

Beat Your DarkSide!

Eliminate any bad habits that you may have…

Shopping, gambling, drugs, eating disorders, drinking, video games, television, gossip, negative thinking, self sabotage, etc..

Acquire peace of mind, this is a way of life. There is no need to fight this battle alone anymore, there is a way you can be you again.

This Intensive Holistic Addiction Program will see you on the road to recovery. Yes, you can heal yourself of an addiction, it does not need to play havoc over the rest of your life. Make the commitment today to reclaim back your life. Allow Coaching Marbella to be your guide to freedom, be shown an alternative route home. Get ready to take back control of your life in just 4 months!

Whats your belief?

Is there life or hope for us after we have fallen prey to an addiction? Let´s see…

Barak Obama was apparently a weed smoking teen who smoked marijuana in high school when he lived in Hawaii and now he is President of America! 

Oprah Winfrey one of the worlds most powerful women. When she was in her 20s she had a relationship with a man who introduced her to crack cocaine. In that particularly case though Oprah told her audience on one one her shows in 1995, she was more addicted to her boyfriend than the crack cocaine and would do anything for him that he asked of her.

Ahhh The things we do for love…

Bob Dylan has always been known as a stoner. Its hard to believe that before he made it big, he was walking the streets in Greenwich Village strung out on a twenty five pound a day habit of Heroin! He said he kicked the heroin habit whilst in New York City.

I dread to imagine how is life would have turned out if he had not found a way to release himself of this.

Robert Downey Jr.

He is perhaps the greatest Hollywood come back of them all time. In the late 80s Downey was a promising young actor turning in noteworthy performances and in 1992 he earned himself an Oscar nomination for his role as Chaplain.

But drugs, alcohol and jail time sidelined the actor and by 2000 it looked like his career in Hollywood was over. Even so, Downey managed to pull himself back by cleaning himself up and taking on small roles.

In 2008 he landed the role of Iron man, one of the most successful super hero films of all time and he is now one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors.

What´s Your Desire?

 Cocaine | Weed | Alcohol | Self Worth | Love…?

These celerities did not make it big being strung out or emotionally unstable… No, they had to clean themselves up before they were taken seriously. Meaning… You have to take yourself seriously FIRST before anybody else will.

We are all human at the end of the day regardless of our status in life or our past. We have a choice. We have a choice to let “IT” dictate the life we will lead OR we can take the bull by the horns.

Make the Commitment

If other people are able to kick their addictions, including me, then YES whatever it is that is holding you back from living your life as a success be that alcohol, drugs, an eating disorder or even watching too much television I know you have the power to beat it and that is why I am here for you. To guide you through your maze, to give you the strength & courage to face and beat your demons. You will feel empowered for having done so. 

No pain, no gain. You want success? Then you gotta work for it. Its not going to be easy doing it alone and thats why you need me on your side encouraging you out of your comfort zone. Enrol on this addiction course and you are half way to living your life addiction free. Complete this course and all of the assignments set for you to do and you will be home free. Imagine that..

Live life on your terms. Do not be ruled by your bad habits that have been acquired over time. We can let them go, let me show you the way through your maze.

YOU deserve the best! Because YES! You are worth it!

Holistic Addiction Recovery Program – 4 months

Program Details

  • Month 1 – Mental Detox – Releasing the emotional baggage
  • Month 2 – Acquiring Understanding – Human Behaviour
  • Month 3- Living The New Way – The Change
  • Month 4 – Check in on Progress – Back in Control of your life.

Learn How To Be You

During this course you will be taught and be equipped with all the tools you need to heal your addictions and live life on your terms.

Love, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Nicotine, Food, Co-dependency, Shopping, Gambling etc.

Whatever the addiction is that you are dealing with we can devise a plan for you to be clean and clear without the use of any prescription drugs to get you through. (Unless specifically prescribed by a doctor)

Heal Your Addictions…

Via an Holistic Addiction Recovery Program.

Become clean, clear and highly focused. Discover and learn why a full mind, body and spirit program is essential for your long term recovery.

  • Spirituality, Exercise, Diet Supplements, Meditation
  • Motivation
  • Behaviour and belief change techniques
  • Build a deeper spiritual foundation
  • Deal with crisis and chaos
  • Manage stress
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Improve Communication at home or work
  • Learn Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the 12 Step Model – download for free pdf version 12 steps, 12 traditions

With this in depth Holistic Addiction Recovery Program we are able to hit the nail on the head and put any and all addictions to bed once and for all. We will peel away the layers, remove the excuses that you have been holding onto and get to the chore of the problem. The real reason why you do what you do.

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