Learn how to edit video and magazines online with Selina Stone


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Brand you or  your business and build up your online reputation for the promotion of your personal services. Invest in your Career with these Valuable Work Skills and you could get yourself headhunted!

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Learn how to edit video and magazines with Selina Stone, Personal Coach, Casting Director, Creative Director, Video Creator, TV Presenter & Extra.

Sharing Secrets of the Trades 1-1 online per 30 minute sessions.

Create Reels for Instagram | Meta/ Facebook.

Learn how to Edit Videos with SEO on PC or Mac like a professional.

Create Posters  for Facebook | Twitter | Google Business | Youtube | Linkedin.

Create Flyer | Newsletter | Magazine.

Learn how to manage WordPress / Avada  and Create pages | blog posts | products with SEO.

Learn these valuable work skills with me and feel good about yourself. With these skills you can Brand your personal services or business for the purpose of building up your online reputation and then leveraging this power to get a new job or new clients.

It takes time to be seen and be noted online, everyone is posting videos and photos and offering free downloads. You need to know your way around so your posts do not get pushed down by the crowds and current influencers.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve got the right strategy.

Did you know that 79 percent of people go online to get information about a person or company before they decide if they will deal with them?  That’s a staggering number that is growing daily and that’s why it’s so important that we pay very close attention to our online reputation.  It can mean the difference in customers flocking to your company or going to your competitors.

The more established a person or business appears to be, the more successful the company.   If a company achieves a 5 star rating and people have provided incredible feedback, this can only help for you to gain more clients.  Consequently if a person or company has received bad reviews, they will go elsewhere.

So, how do we become known as the go to person or business  and leverage the power of Online Reputation?  I like to give a few specific principles:

TIP # 1-The first place people research a  person or business is online so make sure you are always aware  this, maintain your reputation online and always try to keep it to the highest standards.

TIP #2– People trust reviews & form judgments based on a persons / company’s online reputation.

TIP #3–A persons or company’s reputation means more to potential customers than ranking.

My expertise is Personal Branding Online and I focus on helping people learn how to edit video, reels and magazines. Acquire killer editing & publishing skills with me. Brand your services and be seen online as a professional.

I am happy to help, because the market has shifted and its important for us to stick together and stay ahead of corporate competitors.

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Selina Stone; Credited IMDB Casting Director + Certified Master Life Coach + Certified Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach + Certified Public Speaking + 100 Roles Extra TV.


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