Booking VIP 5 Star Tours, Reality TV at Stars Retreat Stars and Heroes


Booking VIP 5 Star Tours, Reality TV at Stars Retreat

Complete 5 Star classes; Set up Stars Blueprint; Finding Triggers + Deactivating them with 4 steps 3o minutes 1-1 online with Star Agent Nº7.

Mental Health Check 1 at Reality TV; 4 steps + 1 check review covering topics soul searching + core beliefs + resistance + our life stories.

Star Bonus FREE VIP 5 Star Awards for completion of 1 mental health check of 3 hours compliments of Stars Retreat TV, streaming on Roku + Amazon Fire TV.


Star Life Experience with the Collection of VIP 5 Star Awards.

Check 1 | Steps 1-4 “Reality TV” profiling stars background information. This is where our story starts, with our star rewrites; inspiring real-life victim to hero ready to present in front of the paps and our fans.

We will be learning how to process emotions with the re writes of our star life story. Complete 5 star class document downloads sent to you by your star agent nº7 ready for your completion. Fill in 1 per step plus 1 per check review.

Booking VIP 5 Star Tours, Reality TV at Stars Retreat

Remember your time spent completing this tour with your very own star memorabilia!

  • Star press report 15 things about you documented + processed.
  • Star snaps by the paps for your own personal use and branding.
  • Star video presenting your 4 star statements gone viral.
  • Star credit for having completed 1 mental health check.
  • Star certification 3 hrs personal growth + personal development.

Enjoy 1-1 Accountability Completion of 4 Steps

A Stars journey of self discovery; documented, processed and presented.

  •  1-1 online with your star agent booking of 4 x 30 min sessions.
  • Walk through steps 1- 4 + fill in star class document downloads on the call.
  • At end of session email in 3 things that stood out + 1 star statement + 1 photo of you.

Plus Accountability Completion of FREE Vip Check Review.

The covering of your visit to Reality TV, the completion of Mental Health Check 1.

  • Download and fill in VIP stars visions journal for Reality TV.
  • Review your 4 steps and then send in your top 3 highlights + 1 photo.

FREE Graduation Celebrations VIP Check In.

 Past replaced with your Star Upgrades; Stars & Heroes Press Release!

  • Received 5 star awards for completion of 1 mental health check in.
  • Released 15 things about star life, work, people, and you to the paps and your fans.
  • Released 4 Star Statements showcasing Star Mindset aka the best version of you.

Booking VIP 5 Star Tours, Reality TV at Stars Retreat

Meet with star you when you pick up VIP 5 Star Awards upon completion of each check 1-14 compliments of Stars Retreat TV.

Calling for Stars and Heroes and Agents Nº7

Add TV Channel Stars Retreat streaming via Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Watch Freeview 5 Star classes of 15 minutes each and then complete assignments.

BookingVIP 5 Star Tours, Star Agents Nº7 MENTAL HEALTH CHECKS with STAR SKILLS

Welcome to the making of stars and heroes and their agents, a step-by-step interactive program checking in on your mental health and emotional well being with the covering of your Star Identity, Career, Body and Lifestyle.

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