Power of language

The words you say to yourself both in mind & out aloud will have an impact on how you are feeling. A mind dominated with positive emotions will send to the subconscious mind instructions of which it will accept & act upon. Start by changing your vocabulary to improve the quality of your day just by increasing the intensity of your words. When you implement this change, the impact will be AMAZING!

Which sayings could you change?

“Your mind is a powerful magnet that will attract to you the things you identify with. If you have sad thoughts, you will attract tragedies. If you are a good man, you will attract the company of good people.” – Alfredo Karras

Motivational Celebrity Quotes & Stories to help inspire you along your path of self discovery

“Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate. I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.” – Jessica Simpson

“We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us.” – Johnny Depp

“You make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets. I’m the kind of person who takes responsibility for it and deals with it. I learn from everything I do.” – Kim Kardashian

“I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.” – Sylvester Stallone

Being the star you already are, the greatest success story of all.