Positive Thinking

Obtaining a positive mental attitude also known as PMA, is a vital key to attain happiness, contentment & SUCCESS in all of our endeavours, it is the result of a life dedicated to our self improvement. We have the power to control our thoughts & give feeling to them. We can convince the subconscious mind that we will receive all that we have asked for. Positive emotions build faith. Positive people are successful people.

How could having a positive mental attitude benefit you?

“Your thoughts and feelings create your life. It will always be that way. Guaranteed” – Lisa Nichols

Motivational Celebrity Quotes & Stories to help inspire you along your path of self discovery

“’May the Force be with you’ is charming but it’s not important. What’s important is that you become the Force – for yourself and perhaps for other people.” – Harrison Ford

 Brad Pitt dropped out of university missing out on his journalism degree, he instead pursued hi s dream and moved to Hollywood where he worked outside a fast food restaurant wearing a giant chicken costume to make ends meet! His positive attitude kept him from failing and staying in that job.

“Life is very interesting… in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.” – Drew Barrymore

“A lot of young actors have the idea that, “I’ve got to do this right.  There’s a right way to do this.”  But there’s no right or wrong. There’s only good and bad.  And “bad” usually happens when you’re trying too hard to do it right. There’s a very broad spectrum of things that can inhibit you. The most important thing for actors – and not just actors, but everybody – is to feel loose enough to create what you want to create, and be free to try anything. To have choices.” – Robert DeNiro