Negotiate Your Terms

How To Negotiate For the Best Deal

Learn how to negotiate

Negotiation is an art, you need to go about it very carefully otherwise you will end up spoiling all the goodwill and brownie points you gained for yourself over the interview.

Unless there is a fixed package for the role in which you are applying, it is standard practice to discuss about your terms and conditions at the end of an interview.

However, a lot of people feel uncomfortable to talk about money and what they want. This need not be the case!

You can act in the situation by reading the orientation of the interviewer. If you can see that the company is keen then you do have a considerable amount of power!

Here are some tips and pointers on how to get what you think you are worth!

Only ever talk about pay and conditions from a position of strength. You don’t want to start negotiating over the package even before they are sure of hiring you. Keep your eyes and ears open and get into the act only when you feel that the company wants you and is interested in employing you.

Putting that you want £20,000 and a car in your covering letter is not going to get you very far. Try to avoid talking about pay and conditions until as late as possible.

That means:

  •  Do not bring it up on your CV
  • Do not bring it up in your covering letter
  • Try to avoid it at your first interview

Try to leave it as late as possible until you are in the room with a decision maker who has the authority and that’s when you play your car.

Do your homework and prepare beforehand. Just as you would prepare to answer interview questions you need to do some pre-work in order to discuss your terms and conditions as well. Set a minimum worth for yourself and also an ideal maximum amount you would be happy with.

But the question is how do you determine these figures?

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