If I did not have a spouse and family…

Way´s to Success Nº6

I offer my expertise as a credited casting director and as a certified master life coach, to bring to you the best kept secrets from both the filming and coaching industry.

I trust you will enjoy the insights I share in my first blogs as a certified life coach posted online September 2012. On my website I offer many new fun and exciting coaching programs dealing with the re invention of a new you.

This particular series focuses on the excuses we use as a reason to not do something. The titles for these blogs are taken from the book by Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”. In the chapter titled Resistance where it speaks of 57 different forms of excuses that we all use.

If I did not have a spouse and family…

If I did not have a spouse and family I could have…….

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you feel that you have to put your dreams on hold just to be there for them?

Constantly thinking about all the responsibilities that you have to attend to before you can put your needs first?

Food on the table, a roof over you head, not to mention all those extra expenses and the time required to care for more than one.

This could lead to such an overwhelming feeling that you and your family could suffer.

It could lead to constant criticism, poor emotional well being and addictions!

What if by going after your goals your family life could become even better than it ever was before?

By being true to yourself you set an example, you inspire,  a great standard for all of the family to follow

Imagine working together as a family, a great way to achieve and succeed.

Think about all the emotional support you can receive, the love you feel that will motivate and see you through when times are tough.

You can begin right now by communicating and being honest with each other by opening up.

Feel free to write down your dreams, your fears and feelings and go through them as a family one by one

Feel that your input is just as important as theirs, feel you are being listened to and heard!

Together as a family you can devise a plan, be there for one another and make it happen whatever it is you desire!

More quality family time, financially independent, work together as a team and it will bring you close together and you will feel more peace and harmony in the home

If you feel I could help you by being there for you and guiding you to where you want to be, then please feel free to contact me. In the meantime God bless and I wish you all the luck in the world in succeeding with your dreams.

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