• Stars and Heroes Mental Health Checks 1-1 Online covering of identity, career, body & lifestyle. Your Star Life documented & presented step by step with your photos, videos and reports! Complete 1 mental health check day / week / month with 4 steps of 30 minutes 1-1 online + 1 hr bonus assignment.

    Complete this program with me Selina Stone or with a Star Agent Nº7 and pay per step 60€. Compete 4 steps and you will be sent your Check Review + VIP 5 Star Awards for FREE complimentary of Stars Retreat TV for having completed 5 Star Classes.

  • Attention Top TV Studios Executives! Are you looking to give your A list actors and crew a much-needed break? Look no further than our Star Retreat 2 week bootcamp for The Making of Stars & Heroes, mental health checks with star skills including a professional TV star makeover! Lets talk non refundable 100 euros deposit, deducted from the booking only. Make this payment and i know you are serious about the booking and will be in contact to discuss in detail.
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