Feel Confident With The Boss

Building a strong relationship

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Some advice for building a strong relationship with your boss, and taking charge of your career

Managers are interested in employees who will help them accomplish the many goals that are often set for their teams.

Self-starters, initiative takers, independent, results oriented individuals are often in demand.

If your boss had a hand in hiring you then you can be confident that he/she already thinks well of you. Now that you’re hired, it’s up to you.  Performing well can reinforce the message that the decision to bring you on board, was the right decision.

Following are some tips that will help you build a great relationship with your boss, while building your confidence in your ability to “manage up.”

Put yourself in your boss’ shoes. From their perspective, what are the stresses, the pressures, the goals, and the demands? Once you have a clear sense of this, you are then better able to make decisions, tailor your communications, and make contributions that will enable others to perceive you as an MVM—most valuable member of the team!

 Also, see your boss as a person.  Your boss is just like you—has worked his/her way up to the position they now have.  Therefore, they have lots of experience to share with you.  If they are willing, allow them to be your mentor.  Ask for feedback regularly, and get their input on your career goals.

Encourage bonding by engaging in occasional banter about family, personal hobbies, etc.  Share your information, but inquire about his/her family, hobbies, etc. as well.

Be helpful/Be proactive.  Since you have an understanding of what the demands are on your boss, try your best to contribute to them.  What are some immediate accomplishments you can make to help further the team?  Where can you take the initiative to solve a problem or improve a process that wasn’t even on the radar screen?

Demonstrating a clear understanding of the strategic focus of the organization will help others to perceive you as a leader and team player. You will gain the respect of your managers, and ensure your career is on the fast track.

Manage your performance review process.  Record your accomplishments, and inquire about other ways you can contribute to overall team goals.  Be assertive about your career plan and ask for projects that will stretch your current abilities.

Be clear about the support you seek from your boss, and be equally clear about the deliverables you will produce.

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