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Love & Relationships

Establishing healthy relationships. Increase your Self Worth by Falling in Love with You First!

Are you Single and looking for love? In a relationship and looking to rekindle your spark?
A victim of crime, abused and neglected? Have the beatings and rape left you half dead inside?
Then the time has come to re-claim back your life again!

Love & Relationships

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

8 weeks x 1 hour sessions via Skype | Facetime

If you value your relationships then you will put in the time and effort required. If not, then you can say addios.  This is the coaching program Selina used to heal herself of past abuse and release the pain from rape she endured..

Its your choice & yours alone to make, live life with no regrets, give your best always. If we all put the same amount of time and effort into our relationships as we did at the beginning, then life would be so much better. Put the spark back into your love life by completing this 8 week love & relationships program that was taught to me by my Life Coach & Mentor David Essel, who has over 30 years of relationship coaching and a huge success rate amongst his clients!

Did you know that…

  • Those who have married someone younger than themselves are often drawn to their energy and an open mind which they bring into the relationship.
  • Those who marry older than themselves fall in love with the wisdom and the patience that they exhibit.
  • Those who marry their total opposite are often drawn to the strength that they lack in a specific area. The feeling is mutual in this type of relationship where one happily allows the other the freedom of take control.

Their are some people who think that they have a lot of love to give. But, what they really mean is… “If only I had someone to love, they would benefit immensely, they would be really lucky and I it would make me feel great having someone to shower my attention on and spoil, it would make my life worth living, I would feel great, I would feel alive!”

The truth is when someone shows the other so much affection it feels like they are being smothered. They may enjoy for a brief period but it will start to feel overwhelming and they will retreat.

On the flip side.If the one who is giving all of the attention does not start getting it back he or she will soon resent it. Pretty soon both people end up feeling manipulated and used. So the relationship dies.

Being honest and establishing healthy boundaries is essential for creating lasting love.

Whatever the reason is, love can be yours.I promise you this program will be a catalyst for  change you require in your life.

Find out how to attract the partner that you will be happy to live with for life and not just a “Wham bam, Thank you mam, fiddle in the dark”. We are all worthy of so much more.

Time to let go of the pain, the guilt and the shame, release the resentments and clear ourselves of any triggers ready to make space for real love to enter into our life again.

This love and relationships program can be watched for FREE, online right now by clicking on the video link below and listen to Selina narrate the program for FREE.

No registration needed OR you can be held accountable each week for the actions steps you are to take each via via Skype or FaceTime.

 Relationship Etiquette

  • Respect and communication is essential for any lasting marriage.
  • The desire to serve one´s partner is critical as is the need for the same type of compatible spiritual belief.
  • Its extremely important that couples come to an agreement to try to help each other feel that they are part of a team with general goals regarding family life as well as decisions around individual growth and within the partnership.
  • Its necessary to discuss financial goals, expenses and saving plans as well as knowing the true financial situation that each individual is in. No surprises are appreciated after the wedding where one partner has misrepresented his or her income or with held important information about a current debt. (If you have been in other of these positions before then you know how trust is immediately threatened due to with holding information.)
  • What makes marriage work is that the partners find a mate who has similar beliefs to them such as; great communication, honesty,  spiritual practices, finances etc.

 Invest in your relationship.

When it comes to being in a relationship do you know your triggers? Do you know your limits? Do you know how to set healthy boundaries? Even the rich and famous have their fair share of problems when it comes to love & relationships. 

Bill Clinton who was President of the United States at the time when he cheated on his wife Hilary Clinton with a 22 year old intern called Monica Lewinsky! This affair was headlines worldwide and it nearly cost him his job fortunately for him his wife stood by him. 

Seriously? Would you have stood by your man if that was him?

We can all fall in love with a thousand people during our life time. But, we will only be able to live with a tiny fraction of that number 7 days per week, 365 days per year for the rest of our lives. Know yourself first, before you share life with anybody else.

Marry your own prince charming.

Fairytales can be real…

Kate Middleton was born a commoner and not of Royal Blood nor was she Aristocratic! even so she started dating Prince William in 2003. They split in 2007 whilst on holiday at a Swiss resort.

Kate then made news headlines with her fashion statements gracing the catwalk in skimpy clothes. It was not long before they were seen hanging out with each other again in public and news resources said they had rekindled their relationship. 

Kate & William then got engaged in 2010 and married at Westminster Abbey in 2011. Kate’s official title now is “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Lady Carrickfergusand”  She is a fashion icon around the world.

On & off affair?

Save yourself years of heartache.

Attract the right match for you.

Do you constantly keep score in your relationships?

We always have the choice to be right or be kind. Keeping score in a relationship will eventually weaken the union. Keeping a mental score of what your partner does for you compared to what you do for them is unfortunately  human nature. Many of us are not aware of how damaging this practice can be.

Keeping score leads to resentments. Why not… in place of pulling out your score card. Express your concern with love and voice your thoughts from a positive perspective by highlighting all your partner does, that makes you feel great! Carrying grudges will only wear you down. Lead by example and your relationship is sure to benefit.

Jude Law & Sienna Miller these British beauties met during the filming of the movie “Alfie” it was love at first sight and so they got engaged, that was until the bombshell went off and the headliners hit the front page that Jude had cheated with the nanny!

That was back in 2004 & so the engagement was broken off.

But they just could not keep away from each other & by 2006 they were dating off and on until finally they made the red carpet debut as a couple again and they were going strong until 2011 when they finally made the move to split for good



How 2 love…

Do this course by yourself by watching these videos online for FREE.

Be you single, in a relationship or married this course will work wonders for you. I have already done the hard part by breaking down the process so that mending or finding the relationship of your dreams will not cost you a penny to do.

This on-line relationship program designed for you to manifest deep & meaningful love into your life.

  • Step 1 – View ONLY one video blog per day; this will take around 3-5 minutes of your time. Its quick and easy. Just listen.
  • Step  – Put aside a further 15 minutes each day to concentrate on these teachings and put into practise all that you have just learnt. You will be amazed of how your love life will turn around.
  • Step 3 – Complete the tasks asked of you each day so as not to feel overwhelmed. You will start to see & feel a huge difference in all of your relationships.

When we refuse to open ourselves up to romantic possibilities that we have not considered, we maybe missing out on the partner who could be the last piece to our puzzle. Never say that would not work for me until we have explored the option more thoroughly. Look for love and marriage in what might seem the most unlikely places for that is where you might find it.

FREE 80 days intensive on-line relationships coaching program

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