Step two live online life coaching

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Step two live online life coaching FREE
Embark on a Journey of Self Discovery

WATCH NOW Step two video workshop "Core Beliefs."
Find your Triggers before the paps and your fans do.

Step two live online life coaching FREE

*Watch Online 15 minute Step two video workshop
*Email Accountability 15 minutes report back 3 facts
*Certification Completion 30 mins of 12 hrs personal development & growth

Please help & support, keep this journey live online and accessible to all.

DOWNLOAD NOW VIP PDF Step two video core beliefs

PLUS FREE BONUS GIFT PDF “The Triggers  + The Re-write.”
Keep Track of Triggers. Download + print +  watch video +
fill in as you listen.


Step two live online life coaching FREE

The Making of Stars & Heroes
Profiling of Character
Levels 1, 2 & 3

FREE ONLINE VIDEO  Step two video workshop worth 10€
FREE Accountability + Certification = Admin fees worth 5€
FREE PDF The Triggers + The Rewrite = Download worth 10€

Access VIP PDF video workshop worth 10€

  • Remember today´s session and all of the points covered, have in writing.
  • Pick up your copy of Step two video workshop in PDF format.
  • Download PDF of today´s video workshop and read on your smart device.

Embark on a Journey of Self Discovery

One Year LIVE ONLINE TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM. Checking in on your mental health & star mentality, including health, fitness & lifestyle. Access for FREE or as a VIP and be certified for the amount of time spent on your personal development and personal growth.

Know yourself first before all riches and wealth. Catch up to live online: take one step per day, complete one check in per week. Get distracted? Pick up from your last step, report back and continue on your journey.

Welcome to the Making of The “New You, Identity, Career, Body & Lifestyle!

The Making of Stars & Heroes; Total worth 15,000€
Levels 1, 2 & 3 value of information 10,000€
Products & Services worth 5,000€

Learn to be your own life coach, be sound of mind. Know what you want and who you are and all you are capable of doing before anything else in life. Discover your own personal worth and value.


BOOK IN: Be notified when live online + accountability certification FREE ACCESS worth 1,200€
UPGRADE VIP ACCESS Bonus Gifts as incentives to complete Level 1, 2 and 3 totaling 3,800€

This will be one journey you are sure to remember. Get ready to dive deep into the mental realms of your mind and explore who you are in VIP style!