Life Skills

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Life Skills

Transformational Life Coaching Package

Increase your general awareness by completing this Transformational Life Coaching Package containing valuable life skills, that touches base with not only your personal life, but your business life also. It´s like having a check up, nothing will be left out. So why wait?

You can download this Transformational Life Coaching Package as a gift for a friend or for yourself.

Go on, give yourself a chance. We all deserve to be the person we see we could be and during this coursework we see a brand new you emerge for all to see. You will be more confident and sure of yourself than you have ever been before.



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Transformational Life Coaching Package

Life Skills

Transform your life now with this Transformational Life Coaching Package containing Valuable Life Skills dedicated to your personal growth.

Knowledge is Key.

Take advantage of these personal development programs that have been prepared especially for you to do in your own time and at your own pace.

Dedicated to Personal Awareness – 6 x 6 part -e-course

  1. Unstoppable Confidence – Getting the Poise That Spells Success
  2. How to Get What You Want – If you think you can, you can.
  3. How to Manage Your Lost Career Coaching – for Career Planning and Management
  4. Effective Communication Skills – How to get what you want through effective communication
  5. Getting Motivated – How to get juiced up to achieve anything that you desire
  6. THE NEW YOU – Strategies and Recipes for a Complete Makeover: Be the New You

Transformational Life Coaching Package

FREE BONUS – Business Awareness – 5 x ebooks

  • People Management – “How to get people to perform”
  • Effective Time Management Strategies -”The secrets to control your time”
  • The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing” – everything you need to know to market successfully on the internet”
  • Small Business Management for Success – “The systems you need to succeed”
  • The Essentials for Starting a Small Business – “Everything you need”




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